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Classic Leg Tanner

Legs are hard to tan, we've all been there, upper body gets super dark and legs.....well....don't.

Why?? A few reasons......First, legs have less circulation than the rest of the body and without good circulation there is less oxygen in the cells. The tanning process requires oxygen to produce tanned skin. This is why people who tan in lay down beds often have "white spots" on certain parts of their bodies. Because these areas are pressed hard against the bed, blood and oxygen movement is suppressed and tanning doesn't happen. (This is another great benefit of stand up tanning...no pressure points!)

Another reason...shaving. Most women shave their legs, every shave takes off the very top layer of our skin and guess what....that's where our tan is.

Havanatan has one of these amazing leg tanners all the way from the UK. This Classic Leg Tanner is the only one in Camrose and allows you to just tan the legs from thighs down. Great for you ladies that wear a lot of skirts and dresses and don't want to have to wear nylons everyday. We even have a few guys that use it and love it.

Replace a few full body sessions with a few sessions in this amazing piece of equipment and your legs will be as beautifully bronzed as the rest of your body.

Mention this website and try your first one *FREE!! (*up to 8 min. based on skin type)