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Our Full Body UV Tanning Equipment.....

                           7 SUNCAPSULE Tanning Booths                                        

Our 250 watt, 7 min. max. Suncapsule Eclipse is one of our newest tanning booths. If you like the heat and you have built a base tan, you'll love this one! For those just starting out, our 10 min max 220 watt Suncapsules will build your base tan slowly without burning.
Surrounded 54 bulbs ranging from 220 watt to 250 watt, we have 2 different strengths of Suncapsule for every level of tanning. Our Smarttan Certified staff will guide you with a exposure schedule based on your skin type. This makes sure you use the appropriate booth for the stage of tanning that you have achieved.


Our PROSUN ONYX 100 watt 20 min. max tanning bed is an option if you'd rather lay down for your session. It features a cooling fan, and a LED facial rejuvenation panel that helps soften those fine lines, and give you a glowing healthy complexion. 

The tanning business is not something we take lightly. UV exposure comes with rules. We at Havanatan want you to know that we are not being mean when we tell you you can't tan when you want for as long as you want. We want you to leave our studio feeling great and overexposing you and causing you to sunburn isn't going to do that.

Our skin is an amazing thing and a sunburn is the worst possible thing you can do to it. We've all thought, including myself (Dawn) that we need to burn first and then it turns into a tan.....so wrong! Burning is damage and when we damage our skin, we shut down the whole tanning process until our body heals itself. 

We are all Smarttan Certified and have learned about the effects of UV light on skin. There are 6 skin types and your tanning schedule will be based on the type you are. There are actually a small percentage of people out there who do not have the ability to produce melanin, the pigment that changes our skins color, those people are skin type 1. The rest of us can, but some need to tan much more slowly than others. If you are tan-able, Havanatan will get you there, you just need to have patience and trust us.

SO...our main tanning rules are....

#1 EYE PROTECTION IS MANDATORY!! We sell tanning goggles as well as disposable eyewear and you must use either of these every time you tan.

#2 We, the tanning professionals, set your tanning exposure schedule based on your skin type and tanning history.

#3 We follow a strict 24 hour rule. You must wait 24 hours between tans, full body and/or leg tans. 

#4 You will not be allowed to increase your exposure time by more than one minute per session. We recommend that you do 2 sessions at each minute so that you build a slow even base tan. If you do get pink at all from a session, a pink that last for more than a few hours, it is best to wait till that's gone and then start back at a lower time.

#5 BE CAREFUL....Use common sense, if you've been out in the sun or plan to go out in the sun for long periods of time, please don't tan that day.