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Our POINTS System.

At Havanatan, we sell you POINTS instead of minutes. The makes it much easier for you to use any of our services without having to "upgrade" or change your package.
We set up an account for you, deposit the points you buy into it and depending on the session time and the equipment you use, we deduct the appropriate amount of points from the balance.
Our most common package of 200 points for $62.95 will get you between 6 and 13 tans.  With a consistent exposure schedule and a good indoor tanning accelerator lotion,  90% of our clients will develop a "base tan" with this package.  Of course the bigger the package, the less you pay per point therefore the better the deal .
PLUS....at Havanatan, your first tan up to 5 minutes in a 10 min. max. Suncapsule is *FREE!! (*session time is based on skin type)

Need the perfect gift? We have gift certificates for any amount you choose. Let us put together a gift mug filled with everything they need for their first visit to Havanatan!


Pkg#1    200 points …….$59.95 + g.s.t. (approx. 30 cents a point)                 
Pkg#2    400 points …...$111.95 + g.s.t. (approx. 28 cents a point)                 
Pkg#3    600 points.......$155.95 + g.s.t. (approx 26 cents a point)
Pkg#4  1200 points.......$259.95 + g.s.t. (approx. 22 cents a point)


Choose from our:

Monthly *Unlimited SUN ONLY package for $99.95 + tax/month



Yearly *Unlimited SUN & SAUNA Membership for **$79.95 + tax/month.

**Includes unlimited Far Infrared Sauna sessions & 20% off lotions,

12 month commitment required, 1st and last months payments due at signing


(*all session times based on skin type, ALL TANNING RULES APPLY!)

Stand-up Tanning:

Suncapsule 250 watt                                      1-3 min. 20 points        
(Tropicana, Santa Clara, Camaguey)             4-5 min. 25 points       
  7 min. max session                                       6-7 min. 30 points        
                                                                     Drop-in … $2.00 min.
Suncapsule 220 watt                                     1-3 min. 15 points        
(Varadero & Havana)                                    4-5 min. 20 points         
10 min. max session                                     6-7 min. 25 points                                                                                    8-10 min. 30 points      
                                                                    Drop-in … $1.50 min.

Leg Tanning:

Classic Leg Tanner                             1-3 min. 15 points      
(Playa Pillar)                                    4-6 min. 20 points      
12 min. max.session                        7-9 min. 25 points      
                                                        10-12 min. 30 points      
                                                         Drop-in....$1.50 min.