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Indoor Tanning Lotions & the Benefits of Using Them

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Whether you are just starting out and need an accelerator to build a base tan, or want to amp up your existing dark tan with a bronzer, we can help you pick out the perfect product.
Why Use Indoor Tanning Lotion?
Research from lotion and skincare manufacturers indicate that the use of products specifically for indoor tanning can enhance and stimulate the body's natural tanning process. When the skin is exposed to natural or manufactured UV light, it stimulates production of a pigment in the body called melanin. When melanin is triggered, it rises to the epidermal layer of the skin allowing the tanning process to begin. However large amounts of amino acids, which are components of melanin, are not stored in our bodies, which means it can take days after exposure to UV light develop a tan. Indoor tanning lotions contain the amino acid tyrosine as well as other vitamins, botanicals, and essential oils to nourish the skin and prepare it for the tanning process. The old rule of thumb - healthy skin tans best - is key. A quality tanning lotion lays the foundation for building a rich healthy tan and manufactures of tanning products as well as us here at  Havanatan believe a properly cultivated tan can be the body's most effective sunscreen against the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. Tanning lotions are also formulated to prevent the awful after-smell that affects some tanners.

Indoor Tanning Lotion 101

What is the difference between Accelerators and Maximizers? What about are the benefits of hemp seed oil, tyrosine, copper and other ingredients found in indoor tanning lotions? With all the different formulas of lotion available, it helps to know what key ingredients to look for when selecting a quality indoor tanning lotion. In this article we will help you define the top ingredients and decipher the language behind the indoor tanning lotion industry.

Accelerators v. Maximizers: Accelerators are level one tanning products for people just beginning the indoor tanning process. These lotions are designed to help people achieve a base tan and usually contain a large amount of moisturizers because moisturized skin tans much better, faster and has the ability to hold tan longer. Maximizers: These are level two tanning products for people who have reached a base tan and want to continue tanning. Unlike accelerators, maximizers do not contain high levels of moisturizers. For this reason it should only be applied directly before starting a tanning session.

Tingle: This is a special type of lotion that many refer to as a level three product. However, some companies have different methods of naming the levels of their products. Tingle lotions are usually found in maximizers and it contains chemicals that cause reddening and increase blood flow to the skin. They are available in heated and cooled formulas and act to speed up the repair process of skin causing it to tan faster. Tingle can be very uncomfortable for many people although use over time does help one build up a tolerance to it. These lotions should not be used on sensitive skin as some people are just simply not able to tolerate it.

Bronzers: This feature is found in accelerators and maximizer lotions. It is a sunless self-tanner that is mixed into the lotion for instant results. The trick is to give the immediate illusion of bronzed skin while your skin underneath develops a tan and and plays catch up. It is best to find one that is streak free to avoid the orange or uneven look.

Hemp Seed Oil: This is added to many tanning lotions to help nourish and moisturize the skin. It is a very beneficial and rich ingredient for hydrating the skin.

Avocado, Shea, Cocoa Butter: Also added to many tanning lotions to help moisturize, hydrate, and protect the skin.

Body Blush: Very similar to tingle but without the heat and prickly feeling. These lotions are especially made for people who want the effect of tingle but have sensitive skin and a low tolerance for tingle.

Anti-Aging: These ingredient has properties and vitamins that protect the skin from premature aging. Also aids in keeping the skin supple and firm.

Shimmer: This added feature give the skin a luminous glow. Some will have a glittery look. Shimmer lotions add dimension to your bronzed color.

Tyrosine: An amino-acid derivative, added to tanning lotions to produce melanin. Also helps the body produce the mood-influencing chemicals serotonin and dopamine. Because people who are depressed often have low levels of tyrosine, researchers have thought that tyrosine might help treat depression. However, more research is needed.

Caffeine: Added to lotions to help reduce puffiness and energize the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine should not be used by people on caffeine free diets or sensitive to caffeine. It does absorb into the body.

Silicon: This is a mineral added to lotions to condition skin. It has moisturizing properties and make skin feel silky smooth to the touch.

Beta Carotene or Retinyl Palmitate: Vitamin A that supports pigment coloration of the skin.

DHA: This is usually found within bronzer lotions. It reacts with the skin to make a stain promoting a “fake” tan or bronze color. It is usually combined with other bronzers to enhance skin color and make it even darker. To reach a more natural bronze look select a bronzer that is DHA free. For darker bronze color, DHA is appropriate.

Vitamin E or Tocopheryl: This ingredient renews and softens the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Unipertan: A combination of Tyrosine, Collagen and Vitamin B-2, added to tanning lotions to boost melanin production and boost natural skin bronzers.