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Havanatan's Far Infrared Sauna

FIR Sauna    First *30 minute session is FREE (*without a 15 min pre-heat) 

We recommend you first do 2 - 30 min. sessions at level 4-6 and then add 5-10 min. to each subsequent session, raising temperature 1-2 levels (in desired), up to a max. of 60 minutes.


Cash/Debit/Credit prices:

1- *30 min. session = $15.00 ($7.50 - 2nd person @ same time)

1- *45 min. session = $20.00 ($10.00 - 2nd person @ same time)

1- *60 min. session = $25.00 ($12.50 - 2nd person @ same time)

Monthly Packages:                                                     Unlimited Monthly Packages:

(Expires after 30 days)                                                       (Expires after 30 days)

 4 sessions up to *60 min. = $60.00                          $80.00 per month for sessions up to *60 min.      

 8 session up to *60 min. = $100.00                            SESSIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BY:                 12 sessions up to *60 min. = $120.00                                         6 PM   MON. - THURS.                                                                                                                              5 PM FRIDAY & 3 PM SAT.                                     


(*All session times include a 15 min. pre-heat; you may choose to have the sauna pre-heated before your session, or better yet, go the full time and pre-heat the sauna and your body at the same time.)


If you already have a Havanatan Points Package for our tanning & our other services, these will work for our sauna as well.

If you want more information about how points work, our staff will be happy to help you.


Points Requirements:

*30 min. = 40 points    (2nd person = 20 points)

*45 min. = 60 points    (2nd person = 30 points)

*60 min. = 80 points    (2nd person = 40 points)


CALL Havanatan for an appointment at 672-3902.

Please read and follow the sauna information on the "Before your Session" page above. Copy, print and fill out the release form and bring it with you before your first session or pick up a form on your next visit to Havanatan. 

For more FIR Sauna information or to read more regarding the benefits of this wonderful service, please check out our "Far Infrared Sauna Benefits"  page above.