Wellsystem Aqua Massage

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Our Story....

Havanatan was created back in 2008 when we realized that a beautiful tropical alternative to lay down tanning would be perfect for Camrose.

With a city full of snowbirds, and sun filled vacations being so popular every winter, the concept of getting the important base tan in an average of 10  -  5  to 10 minute sessions was something she knew people would love. 

Although the business started as strictly "a place to tan", she's researched the good, bad and the ugly of UV exposure and hopes she can educate everyone on the benefits of getting enough UV light, whether it's from the sun or from Havanatan. Not only does

UVB light produce mega amounts of Vitamin D, UV exposure helps with depression, certain skin disorders, and S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).

Please don't forget....moderation is the key in everything you do in life including UV exposure of any kind. 

Most importantly, the #1 rule with indoor tanning and outdoor UV exposure is: DO NOT SUNBURN!!