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Havanatan Body Bronzing Studio is a beautiful, clean, UV tanning business offering not only high-end Stand-up Tanning

but UV Leg Tanning & Far Infrared Sauna services as well.

Havanatan is profitable and well established in Camrose going into its 10th year in business.

With only one other UV tanning establishment in town, offering lay down beds only, we have very little competition.

We lease over 3600 sq. ft. of space, with the cost/sq. ft. being one of the lowest in Camrose.

The building owners are wonderful people and have promised a multi year lease, the same lease amount it's been for 10 years, 

with the option to purchase the building if it goes up for sale.

Currently we have 3 sub-lessees, a gel nail technician, an esthetician, and a fitness Instructor.

Rooms can easily be rented out for $300 - $500 or more per month year-round.

The fitness instructor lessee is contracted until July 31/18, the others are not under contract.

We also sell premium indoor tanning products and accessories, some retail beachwear, swimwear, 

summer footwear, compression socks, body jewelry and sunglasses.

Below is a list of what you would receive as the new owner:

  • 5 Suncapsules, 2 with 220-watt bulbs with max session times of 10 minutes and 3 with 250-watt bulbs and 
                                                                 7 min max session times. www.suncapsule.com

(all are 3 phase and come with buck boosters and a 200-amp service that is removable)

  • 1 rare Classic leg tanner with 65-watt bulbs and a 12 min max session time.


  • 1 two person commercial Far Infrared corner style Cedar Sauna

  • A reliable assistant manager, who been with us for almost 7 years would be a priceless asset.. 
                                  She knows the business in and out and would be an invaluable to the new owner.

We have had over 4000 amazing clients come through our doors and we are known for our cleanliness, 

our top-notch customer service, as well as the amazing results they get from our equipment.

Please note with all this amazing space, the money-making possibilities are endless. Because we are not a franchise, 

what you do with the business is up to you, and what you make is all yours.

We the owners are considering all serious offers. Some vender financing may be available.

Call or text Dawn Thirsk @ 780-608-8048 or send email to d.thirsk@gmail.com for more info.