Wellsystem Aqua Massage

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A visit to our tropical studio with its warm colors, beautiful decor, and our warm and wonderful staff, promises to be one of the best parts of your day.

Suncapsule Sun Booths        2 Classic Leg Tanners        Wellsystem Massage Bed


Whether you are looking to pre-tan for summer or your next tropical vacation, or need relief from the winter blues, our 7 Suncapsule stand-ups will have you in, out and smiling  in 10 minutes or less.


All they way from the UK, this amazing equipment will give you beautiful bronzed legs in a few short sessions.


Our Aqua Massage bed will make you feel incredible as the 40 C water caresses your body relieving stress, aches and pains.

Our AMAZING Products & Services

Our colorful, old warehouse inspired fitness studio is home to fitness classes instructed by Joleen Carr of Josky Fitness. 

A former tanning room has been expanded and enclosed to provide a cozy, tranquil massage room. J'aime Myles of Coconut Corner Massage will have you relaxed and  feeling fantastic. 

      Far Infrared Sauna                   Esthetics

Weight loss, cardiovascular health, detoxification,skin beautification ....

the list goes on and on.

Check out our page dedicated to this amazing miracle worker and read what it can do for you.

Feelgoodz Footwear

Havanatan has partnered up with Feelgoodz Inc. and we're excited to be the first and only place in Alberta selling their colorful and comfortable flip flops.

Choose from the women's SLIMZ or men's CLASSICZ both made from 100% all natural latex rubber and non toxic dyes. Or try the podiatrist designed KINDERZ and POPLARZ line made from natural rubber, leather straps and veggie tanned suede. 
No matter what style you choose, these summer/vacation kicks will have you stepping out and about in amazing comfort. 
Check out their website www.feelgoodz.com, read their story, and see for yourself why we picked a company that produces a earth friendly natural, comfortable and ethical product. 



Exciting New Products COMING SOON!!


Body Jewelry


See our great selection of beautiful items including nose studs, ear studs and shields, industrials, tongue barbells, eyebrow jewelry and very pretty belly button bling. 

We do have a few pairs of 0g and 00g plugs, and a catalogue is available if you would like us to order in something in a special design or size.


Sterling silver and reg. toe rings, Rhodium and German silver anklets as well as beautiful bracelets are now available. 


We also stock Blue Wave cleansing saline rinse to help your piercings heal and keep them healthy. 

Monthly Promotions

The FIRST TUESDAY of every month you can get 10% off all points packages, bottled lotions, sunglasses, feelgoodz flip flops and body jewelry over $10.

One day only, 9 am to 9 pm.